Channels Estate: Lucinda & Ben

Channels Estate Wedding Photography

My first really sunny wedding of the 2017 was Lucinda and Ben’s big day at Channels Estate in Chelmsford, and what a great day it was!

It started off with the bridal prep, just down the road from the venue. There were a few nerves knocking around as Lucinda started to get ready and got into her dress. The nerves went through the roof though when there was a hiccup with the dress (a rip sound followed by deathly silence…) but thank God for Mum and her sewing kit! The day was soon back on track and miraculously the culprit was not murdered. Pretty soon the incredible Aston Martin DB6 turned up outside and everyone was on their way to the venue..

Once I arrived at Channels Estate I found the groom and his groomsmen looking dapper in their uniforms, and also slowly melting in the blazing sun. This was my first military wedding and it was a privilege to photograph, it hopefully won’t be the last. The bride and her bridesmaids soon arrived and the ceremony was under way. All the nerves drifted away as the couple were reunited and the ceremony went perfectly.

Next up, a quick bit of mingling, lots of hugs and ‘congratulations’ were said, then it was straight into the group shots. Time seemed to fly by as we pretty much went straight inside for the wedding breakfast after this. Everyone took their seats, wolfed down their dinners and then all eyes were on the top table for the speeches…

The speeches were everything you can hope for; sweet, loving, hilarious, embarrassing, honest. Lots of tears. Lots of laughter.

Soon we were heading back outside to grab some shots of the newlyweds. It was clear from the beginning of the day that the bride was a bit camera shy…or maybe very camera shy. So thanks for sticking with it and letting us get the shots we wanted, we hope you love them as much I loved taking them!

Next up was the cake cut…with a MASSIVE BLOODY SWORD! (This was brilliant…it took all my willpower to not ask Ben if I could have a go…probably pushing it a bit far). Soon we were heading for the first dance. This was a sweet moment with the couple dancing together for the first time as newlyweds…for about 45 seconds…and then a DMX banger came on and everyone went nuts! It was a refreshing take on the first dance and I loved being part of it.

We headed outside for a few more shots with the off camera flash once it had gotten a bit darker and then they headed back in to dance the night away. I loved being part of this wedding. Weddings are always great, but you can always tell when a couple are really enjoying their day with their friends, family, and new Husband/Wife…this was one of those weddings and it was a privilege to be part of. Congrats guys…


Channels Estate Barn

Loved being part of this special day through providing my Essex wedding photography services. Thanks guys!

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