The Wanstead Wedding: Veronica & Roger

This was one very special day. All weddings are special, but precious moments can often get lost in the busyness of the day and the crowds of people that are attending. Well this wedding was just six people..and a little lady too. In the picture above is the whole wedding party, and that made it such a special day. Weddings are often known for their extravagance and their stunning venues etc. People always ask if it was a big or small wedding, measuring it against the amount of people attending and the size of the building that the wedding was held in. Well this wedding was in a simple registry office, with a beautiful and intimate blessing in The Lady of Lourdes Church up the road, and then celebrating with a quiet pint and pack of crisps at The George pub just down the road. It might have been simple, it might have been understated, but it was absolutely brilliant.

Veronica and Roger have an amazing story, having been married once already and then reconciling at their daughters wedding years later, they remarried with their two daughters and their husbands by their side. The significance of the day was clear in the very emotional ceremony at the Queen Victoria House, there wasn’t a dry eye in that little room! Followed by a short drive up the road to the church where the blessing was held. A few songs were sung and some beautiful vows were exchanged and I grabbed a few snaps whilst we were there. Then we walked a little further down the road together to The George. There was laughter as memories were shared and stories told. It’s rare that you get to sit and have a drink with the whole wedding party! We moved over to the park over the road for some extra photos. It was such a relaxed day and taking the photos was made so much simpler by everyone being so chilled and easygoing.

This will always be one of my favourite weddings, it was amazing getting to know everyone and to feel like part of the family. It was such an intimate, simple and emotional wedding and I won’t be forgetting it any time soon. It just goes to show that you don’t need to throw thousands and thousands of pounds at a wedding to make it incredible. Thanks for letting me be part of such an amazing story and such a special day guys. Congratulations…


The Lady of Lourdes Church photography

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